WoMap Conferences

Series of conferences organized by Association of Women in Mathematics.

This is a series of workshops with a strong focus on research in mathematical physics and networking for its participants.

The WoMaP (Women in Mathematical Physics) are a series of workshops with two strong points of focus:

  • Networking: bringing senior and junior female mathematical physicists together to attack research projects on topics of common interest, thereby expanding the mentorship networks of female+ (including cis, trans and non-binary mathematicians) mathematical physicists.

  • Research: to work on research open problems of high interest concerning mathematical aspects of theoretical physics.

In these workshops we aim to create an environment with talks and discussions in the direction where mathematical rigour and physical intuition merge in a natural way. To achieve this, we follow the established, successful format of previous female+ -only events like “Women in Topology” or “Women in Noncommutative Algebra and Representation Theory”. The workshops include few introductory talks and ample time for research in teams and discussions.

Women+ are underrepresented on the most of the STEM areas, and this one is no different. It is most crucial to improve the networks of female mathematical physicists, with an emphasis on the younger generations. Our workshops aim create and strengthen such networks - all this in a supportive environment.